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Over the years, Mansell & Mansell has recovered tens of millions of dollars for its eligible customers. They are considered leaders in this area. As an example, AV Preeminent® has been rated for exceptional ethics and skills and voted in the top-ranked law firm Law Leaders in Southern California for 2013 and has been included in Super Bar® for three consecutive years

Practice areas

Bicycle accidents

People who have been injured by a car while riding their bike should contact Mansell & Mansell. The lawyers team has won many cases against insurance companies that do not want to compensate victims to some extent. In 2016, 147 deaths were reported in California alone. Cyclists must always be familiar with their surroundings and understand that any vehicle near them is a potential threat. They should never forget to wear their helmet always to protect against head injury.

Dog, to bite

Every year, there are approximately 4.7 million dog bites in the United States. 800,000 people with dog stings are looking for medical help each year. Half are children.
When dealing with dog bites, it is important to know the dog’s medical history and date of previous attacks. People who bite dogs can expect to support medical expenses and pain, and suffer post-traumatic stress disorder
California is one of the states that has strict liability laws that make pet owners responsible for most dog bite injuries.

Motorcycle accidents

For those who participated in a large motorcycle accident, it is important to seek competent legal assistance. At Mansell & Mansell, they are ready to provide victims of motorcycle accidents with professional legal representation and reliable assistance. Due to the busy California highways, the surface streets and the popularity of motorbikes due to good weather throughout the year, California is a major site for cycling accidents.

Truck accidents

Every year, hundreds of thousands of truck accidents occur on US roads. In most cases, the cause of truck accidents is the errors caused by the driver, trucker, or truck manufacturer. If a person is injured in a truck accident, Mansell & Mansell is ready to assist him in order to obtain the due compensation and hold the responsible party accountable.

With the second largest number of road miles in the United States and with highly registered vehicles, California roads carry their fair share of traffic. Being close to the Pacific Ocean and two neighbouring states, California also makes a major gateway to international trade, adding thousands of trucks to its roads every day.

About Mansell and Mansell

Mansell & Mansell is a law firm specializing in personal injury claims. They have proven for more than 25 years that they are able to solve situations not only in the above areas but also in areas such as:

• Personal injury,
• Vehicle injuries
• Catastrophic injuries
• Industrial injuries
• Pedestrian accidents
• Building responsibility
• Pier incidents
• Accidents of falling and falling
• Murder.