Moving to Canada from the United States: Best Tips for 2021

Recently, there has been an increase in total number of people immigrating to Canada from the United States. Canada has witnessed a huge number of immigrants from United states totaling 10,000. Although, this high number could be as a result of numerous opportunities in Canada which include  several benefits in health, educational opportunities, and job offers.
This article will offer guides on how best to move in to Canada from United States. First, one of the easiest ways is through Express Entry System. This Canada Immigration option can easily make you a resident of Canada.
According to reports, a rough estimate of 80% of foreign immigrants apply for a Canadian permanent residency status via Canada Express Entry System. Meanwhile, the application often takes about 6 months to process and in fact it is one of the fastest immigration programs in the world.
The Express Entry System handles most of Canada’s immigration application processes for three of the country’s related economic immigration streams which are:
1. Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Program2. Federal Skilled Trades (FST) Program3. Canadian Experience Class (CEC) Program
Majority of the applications for Canadian permanent residency are submitted through Express Entry System which are usually processed within 6 months and this make the scheme to be one of the fastest immigration system in the world.
– Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Program: It is compulsory to meet a minimum score of 67 on the FSW grid in your language (English or French) proficiency test before you can be eligible for this program. You are also expected to have at least one year working experience in tune with the job you are applying for.

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– Federal Skilled Trades (FST) Program: As a starter, before you can qualify for this program, you will need to have at least two years working experience in a skilled trade, together with a Canadian certificate of qualification that will enable you to practice your trades within Canadian provinces. In addition, you are expected to meet the necessary minimum language requirements in English or French.
– Canadian Experience Class (CEC) Program: Before you can be qualified for this scheme, you will need to meet the minimum language requirement test in English or French and you must be able to show proof of work in any of the following ranked skilled positions (NOC 0, A, or B).
Also, in your qualified skilled profession, you must also have worked at least in Canada with a well validated work permit to qualify to apply for the CEC immigration program.
However, being eligible for any of the programs isn’t just enough! You need to understand you are being ranked with other applying candidates based on the score assigned to you and you will only be selected if you score higher than other applicants.
Moving to Canada from the United States to Work with My United States’ Permanent Residency Status

As a United States resident, there are different immigration options to consider when moving to Canada to work. Depending on your circumstance, the following work permits can be considered:
1. North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) work permit2. Employer specific work permit3. Spousal open work permit
North American Free Trade Agreement: This is an economic agreement between the United States, Canada, and Mexico that encourages trade between the three countries and enabling selected categories of temporary workers to access each other’s markets.

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As a citizen of US, you can get your NAFTA permit from the International Mobility Program with an eligible job offer from a Canadian company indicating your mission to come and work in Canada on a temporary basis.
In addition, NAFTA allows American companies that have branches in Canada to transfer their employees in top managerial or executive roles quickly and easily within both countries.
Employer specific work permit:To use Employer Specific Work Permit in Canada, you will need to take Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) test.
The LMIA is basically a document that reveal clearly that a recruiting manager actually tried sourcing out for a Canada citizen or permanent resident within the country to fill a particular job role before offering the position to you (a foreign national).
More also, you  are expected to apply for a new work permit even after getting a Canadian employer-specific work permit if your position requires you to switch jobs within the country.
Spousal open work permit: Should incase you have a spouse or common-law partner that is a temporary international worker or student in Canada, or probably you are already on the Canada’s inland sponsorship immigration programs, then you can qualify for a Canadian spousal open work permit.

This program is constant and you don’t need to change it when you have a new job unlike employer-specific work permit.
Cost of moving to Canada from the US:
You can move to Canada from United states without consuming all your budget. Government processing fees being submitted along with your visa application remain the same regardless of the country that you are coming from. Although, these fees vary based on the type of immigration program that you qualify for.

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