Due to cultural diversity in Nigeria, there is no stipulated or generally acceptable bride price when it comes to marriage in the country. Thus, every tribe, region, culture, clan or family, have their own demands when it comes to giving out their daughter in marriage.

While some families or cultures basically take nothing from any man who is coming for their daughter’s hand in marriage, others literally ensure their son-in-law to be spends just so much money while trying to pay for bride price.

What a lot of Nigerians want to find out from those cultures that encourage high bride price is, why such a demand? Are they giving the girl out for sale?

The issue of high bride price in Nigeria has caused a lot of troubles and has ended countless good relationships.
In a situation where a groom can not afford to pay for certain requirements made by his woman’s family and has probably pleaded with her family to help reduce the price, but all his effort became fruitless, is it okay at such a point for the man to walk away, or he should go borrow to meet up with such demands since he is in love with the woman?

Some cultures take as low amount as N5 or N10 as bride price because they believe in giving out their daughter as a priceless wife while other cultures receive hundreds of thousands or even millions as bride price. Then you may want to ask why such a high demand?

This trend of high bride price makes some men demand for a refund after such a union crashes, while others do not even go ahead with the marriage plans in the first place.

Bride price normally should be a token or some amount of money given to the bride’s family by the groom as the tradition demands. However, the present day society has made it a huge affair by demanding all sorts of things from the family of the groom.

Just a few days ago, an Akwam State man identified as Isaiah Otong, took to his Facebook page to call out his wife who ran away with another man few weeks after their marriage and is currently demanding from the bride’s family to refund certain things he gave to the family as part of the bride price.

According to Isaiah, he spent N950,000 at the cause of the marriage. He wrote on his Facebook page;
“I am doing all this, because I don’t want anyone to fall into this old lady love charm against or fall into Cletus Udoma 419 business again. Run away from Idongest John Udoma, from Ikot Anyiefon family in Ikot okim village in Obot Akara local government. I want to show you guy the marriage list here read it carefully and no why I cannot let this money go. ITEM FOR THE FATHER. 1, ten yard of lace. 2, six white pieces of singlet. 3, six pieces of white pant. 4, one hat and one piece of English wax. 5, A pair of shoe and sock. 6, walking stick. 7, wrist watch and towel. 8, one bottles of three in one Remic Martin. 9, two cartons of Eva wine. 10, two cartons of fruit juice. 11, twenty five crates of minerals. 12, ten crates of Guiness. 13, twenty cartons of star beer. 14, twenty cartons of gulder. 15, two cartons of Don simon. 16, two cartons of 5 alive. 17, ten jars of palm wine. 18, two bigs goats. 19, six hen. 20, money for food items 300,000,00. 21, Band 150, 000,00. 22, Dowry for the father 500,000,00. 23, 5 litre of kai-kai. That is only for the father, Cletus Udoma. ITEM FOR THE MOTHER. 1, A piece of wrapper, blouse. 2, A pair of shoes. 3, wrist watch, head tie, hand bag, and umbrella. 4, Ofong ndom with stock fish. 5, four bags of salt. 6, 2 big basin each: crayfish, pepper, 1 tin of palm oil. 7, one big bottle of yogo wine. 8, five cartons of Guinness malt. 9, five crates of mineral. 10, one standing box. 11, five tubers of yam and one stock fish. 12, two jars of palm wine. 13, Dowry for the mother 100,000,00. THE FAMILY. 1, one big bottle of yogi wine. 2, three bottle of Eva wine. 3, three cartons of star beer. 4, three cartons of gulder. 5, 5 crates of mineral. 6, Kola nut 7, one head of tobacco, ginding snuff and limestone. Family dowry 20,000,00. THE WOMEN. 1, one bottle of Eva wine. 2, one crates of mineral. 3, one bag of salt. 4, money for the women, 5,000. THE YOUTH. 1, one cartons of star beer. 2, one crates of mineral. 3, one bottle of seaman schnapps. 4, one FIFA football with pump. 5, 1 roll of Benson cigarette. 6, fee 3000. Call Cletus Udoma on this phone number 08038153154. If this is not true or pay by me. Marriage take place on 13 Oct 2016. The lady run away on 28 Oct 2016, how are you call this kind marriage, if not 419 business? If you are in my shoe tell me what next you can do? I am running out of patience. Who will judge us, God or Satan?”.

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