Find out what Food Can Spice Up your Sex Life


Spicing up your sex life may be as simple as taking a nibble of certain foods. this could seem ridiculous but inevitably true.

7 Simple foods for Flirting and Seduction

Chilli Pepper: This food spice gets the heart pumping faster increasing the flow of blood to the genitals.

Dark Chocolate: This is a great aphrodisiac that is also not too fattening

Black Olives: Black olives are known in the olden times for increasing a woman’s desire.

Tomatoes: This is a well known sex stimulant.

Banana: This fruit has great chemicals that raise a person’s self confidence even in bed.
Ginger: Increases blood flow to the genitals in both men and women in a similar fashion to chilli pepper.

Carrots: This food induces sexual desire not only because of their phallic shape but because of their high fibre content.


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